Vendredi 5 mars 2010 à 14:00

Merci à Fabien pour m'avoir fait découvrir LA chanson du moment, tirée du film Nine, A call from the Vatican me reste dans la tête depuis hier ! J'sais que j'suis pas Penelope Cruz, mais "Cuci, cuci, cuci, cu" a fait le tour de ma promo !

Carla Guido...
I was lazing around my bedroom
When an idea occurred to me
I thought you might be wondering about,

Who’s not wearing any clothes? I’m not!
My darling,
Who’s afraid to kiss your toes? I’m not!
Your mama dear is blowing into your ear,
So you’ll get it loud and clear,
I need you to squeeze me here ...
And here ...
And here ...

Cootchie, cootchie, cootchie coo.
I’ve got a plan for what I’m gonna do to you,
So hot you’re gonna steam, and scream,
And vibrate like a string I’m plucking –
Kiss your fevered little brow,
Pinch your cheeks till you say “Ow,”
And i can hardly wait to show you how, Guido
Who won’t care if you come to me tired and overworked?
I won’t! Bambino,
Who knows a therapy to beat what you can get from me?
I don’t!
But this will have to be enough for now, Guido, Ciao.

Exprimez vous !

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Par Fabien le Lundi 8 mars 2010 à 19:54
Comme je te l'ai dit, c'est délicieux et sexy. <3

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